Holiday House

Holiday House

The Adelaide house

Adelaide House

Adelaide House is a lake view room, suitable for group people who like to enjoy the view together. It contains a total of 6 rooms accommodating up to 20 people. Two of the rooms contains one bunk bed, as there are two of them, and the other 4 rooms contain two bunk beds (4 beds in total). The house includes water and electricity, two washrooms and two shower rooms. There's a trail on the right-hand side of the Adelaide House. The house is facing Black Lake, and the view of the lake through the windows is splendid. Adelaide House incorporates a very independent space, superb for large groups of people who prefer privacy.

CasaMia 1

CasaMia 1 can accommodate a total of 24 people, with a total of 6 rooms. CasaMia 1 is very suitable for hangouts, summer camps, and other activities. It has the largest living room in the camp and can accommodate 50 people for gatherings. The house has water and electricity, and is equipped with 3 toilets, 2 showers, and a very large kitchen. Besides CasaMia 1, there is a short forest trail where you can take a short walk to Campsite #4. The whole house faces the largest field in the entire camp, where everyone can hold bonfire parties, concerts, dance parties, and so on.

CasaMia 2

CasaMia 2 and CasaMia 1 are in the same building but do not disturb each other. CasaMia 2 has three bedrooms and one living room and can accommodate 6 people in total; suitable for families who prefer privacy. There are three rooms in the house; One room has a large bed, and the other two rooms have bunk beds. There are a separate living room, kitchen, bathroom, water, and electricity. There is a floor-to-ceiling window in the dining room, with a fantastic view of the huge field. Behind CasaMia 2 there is a forest trail, where you can take a hike.

Boat House

The Boat House by the lake is a detached house with two bedrooms and one living room, which can accommodate 4 people. The first floor is a warehouse for ships; the wooden staircase leads to the second floor, so the accommodation space is completely independent and you will not be disturbed at all. In the Boat House, you can see very beautiful lakeside scenery. Sitting at the table by the window, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Black Lake. The house has water, electricity and a kitchen. *Now with indoor washroom and shower!

Foral Garden

Near the gate of Camp Adelaide. Quiet, isolated area. Suitable for family and friends gathering. Close to friendly wild animals and our farm(kids will like it!).